Team Building Games Your Scouting Group Will Enjoy

If you are involved as a leader for a scouting group, and you are starting a new yearly session with newly enrolled participants, there is likely to be a bit of bashfulness present since newcomers will not be familiar with others who had signed up to be a scout. Using team building games during the first few meetings will help break the ice for both new and returning scouts. Try one or more of the following team building games to help introduce people to one another while working toward an ultimate goal together.

Don't Let The Ball Fall

Blow up a beach ball and instruct the scouts that you are going to throw it in the air and they need to do whatever possible to keep it from hitting the ground. Let the participants know they can hit the ball to keep it up, but then must let another person have the next hit. If someone hits the ball twice in a row, the game ends. Start with a relatively easy goal, such as keeping the ball up in the air for a minute or two, or for ten or twenty hits in a row. As the team gets better at the fundamentals needed to keep the ball from falling, increase the goal.

Flip Over The Carpet

Stick several pieces of masking tape on one side of a blanket. Place the blanket on the floor, with the taped side down, and instruct all scouts to stand upon it. Allot for a few square feet of space for each person playing the game so the participants will all fit on the piece of material. Instruct the scouts that they need to flip over the blanket without anyone placing a foot upon the floor it is resting upon. Let the scouts know, the blanket must reveal the pieces of masking tape so you know it has been successfully turned. This is a fun activity that will get the scouts talking with each other in how to proceed to meet the goal.

Blindfolded Obstacle Course

Place several balls in different sizes in a grassy area for this team building game. Designate a starting and ending point with the balls in the middle portion of the playing field. Scouts will need to be paired off, and one in each pair will need to put on a blindfold. The person on each team that does not have a blindfold on will need to verbally instruct their partner how to get from the starting point to the ending area without stepping on or kicking a ball in the process. They can walk beside the person, but cannot touch them while giving instructions. This task will build trust while encouraging communication. 

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