3 Ways to Sell Your Old Video Games for Cash

Sometimes, a game comes along that you just want to keep forever, but in other cases, you may have old video games you no longer want. If this is the case, don't just toss them in the garbage. There are many ways you can sell your old video games for money. Check out these three popular options.

Visit Your Local Chain Gaming Store

The easiest way to trade in your old games is by going to a physical gaming store. You don't have to choose one that only sells used games. Even if they sell used and new games, they'll typically buy your copy. Usually, the store gives you two options. You can trade your game for cash, or you can trade it for store credit. Of course, the store would prefer you trade it for store credit, so they ultimately get more business from you. Therefore, the store credit is generally more than the cash amount.

The problem with selling your old games at these gaming stores is you may not get a fair price. The store still needs to make a profit, so they may buy your used game for a lot less then they'll actually sell it for. Plus, the older the game, the less money you'll get, and if they already have a high stock of that game that isn't selling, they may not want to buy your game, or they may give you an extremely low offer.

When should you use this option: It's usually best to sell to a local gaming store when the game is still new or if you simply want to get rid of some games without hassle, and you don't care about the money.

Try Selling it Yourself Online

Thanks to the ever-expanding internet, there are many places you can sell video games online. Auction sites, online marketplaces and many others give you the freedom to find a buyer for anything you want to sell, including old video games. This is a great way to reach buyers from all over the world, and you can set your own price. Plus, because there is no middle-man, you can sell the used game for the retail price and get every penny you deserve.

The disadvantage of using these sites is that it takes more time. Firstly, you have to actually post the item and then wait for it to sell. If there is little demand for the game or people feel your price is unreasonable, you may have to wait a long time before you get your money. Once the game does sell, you have to do all the work to get it to the buyer.

When should you use this option: This is the best option for people who don't want the money immediately and want the most they can get for their used games. It can also be a lucrative option if you have a particularly rare old game you want to sell.

Use a Site that Buys Electronics

There are many online sites that buy used electronics, such as cell phones, tablets and even video games. This is another easy way to sell your old game, and because a website has a wider customer base than a local store, it's more likely they'll buy your game even if it's not a popular seller. All you do is enter the game you want to sell, and the site will immediately tell you how much they'll pay. Many sites even send you a prepaid box to send them the item.

The downside to using these companies is similar to if you sell to a local store. You won't get the best price because the business wants to make a profit too. Also, even though the site may make it easy for you buy sending you a pre-paid shipping box, you still have to actually package and send it yourself.

When should you use this option: This is a good option if you just want to get rid of some old video games easily without the hassle of going to a store.

Whichever option you choose, it's better than just throwing away the games or keeping them forever and never using them. You'll get hard cold cash for your old treasures, so you can buy more. If you have games to sell, get started today by checking out places you can sell your old games online.