How To Plan A Great Escape Room Party At Your Own Home

You may not understand exactly what an escape room game is, but you know it's supposed to be a fun adventure. Here's an idea that might help you to understand escape games. Do you remember going to scary movies when you were a kid? What about those crazy mazes at the carnival? Then, there were those roller coaster rides you'll never forget. It just seems that being a little bit scared in a safe place is often part of the fun. At the movies, all you had to do was head for the Exit sign. At the carnival, you had the knowledge that somebody would come for you if you couldn't figure it out. And, the roller coaster ride was going to be over in the blink of an eye. That's the fun of escape room parties, too. If you want to host an escape party, here are some ideas that might get you started on a successful one.

Start by making your guest list. This type of party is for those friends who love to try new things, not for those who just want to sit in front of the television set with a bowl of popcorn after dinner. Decide how many people can comfortably get themselves out of an escape situation in your home, and go with that. One idea is to go with an even number so that they can work as couples or as teams. Invitations should give a good clue as to what the party will be like. Perhaps put everything in code. However, put the RSVP clearly so you'll know they understood the invitation. Another idea for an invitation is to put the information into different slips of paper that have to be opened one by one. 

Plan the games according to the rooms you'll be using. For example, start with the entryway of your home. Give everybody a clue that they have to decipher before even entering the rest of your home. Each room should have a challenge and you might consider having dark rooms, not only for added atmosphere, but just to make things a bit harder to figure out. For example, empty your living room of all the furniture, and have your guests make their way through streamers that you have hung from the ceiling, including dead ends in the design of the maze. Once they get through the living room, perhaps they enter the dining room. Before they can get to the food you have waiting for them on the table, they have to pass a certain guessing game.

You get the picture! Just think of things like situations, questions, and puzzles that are hard to accomplish. Consider trying this on your family before the day of the big event so that you can fine tune the escapes.