Host An Informal Beach-Themed Wedding Ceremony And Reception

If you and your partner will be getting married during an informal wedding at a venue that is located next to the ocean in a few months and plan to host a beach-themed ceremony and reception in a rental hall, the following ideas will help you orchestrate an event that is unique and entertaining.

Select Casual Wedding Clothes And Inform Your Guests Of The Informal Dress Code

Go shopping with your significant other and look through clothing racks that contain casual garments that would typically be worn at the beach. Bright-colored shorts, floral shirts or a dress, and wide-brimmed beach hats are some items that you may wish to purchase. While preparing invitations for the wedding and reception, include information that pertains to the informal clothing requirements.

Request that guests bring along bathing suits if they plan to go swimming in the ocean during the reception. Hire a wedding photographer so that you can capture moments throughout the wedding and reception and have group photographs taken during the reception.

Fill Gift Bags With Recreational Equipment

Purchased paper bags that have a picture of the ocean or a sandy beach on them. Use metallic markers to write each guest's name across the top of a bag. Fill the bags with beach towels, small bottles of sunscreen, deflated beach balls, goggles, and plastic snorkels. Set up a volleyball net near the section of the beach that is outside of the venue that you chose to hold the reception.

After stating your wedding vows in the venue, invite your guests to take a dip in the ocean, lay on towels that are spread along the beach, or toss beach balls to one another over the volleyball net.

Hire A Band And Serve Grilled Food And Cocktails

Hire a band that includes members who play musical instruments and a vocalist. Request that beach-themed music is played throughout the reception. If you have time, create a list of songs that you would like to hear throughout the celebration and ask the band if they would be willing to play requests if guests have some specific songs in mind that they would like to hear.

Hire a catering crew to prepare grilled food items, including hamburgers, hot dogs, ribs, and chicken. Serve the food buffet style and provide guests with disposable dinnerware and utensils. Set up a small table on the beach and install a canopy over it. Place a chair behind the table and hire a bartender to serve cocktails to your guests during the reception. For more information, contact companies like Monterey Dance and Event Center.